Building my own Room.


A few years ago, after a long search, my boyfriend and I found a beautiful apartment in the city center of Antwerp. The apartment came with a separate room in the hallway. For more than two years, it was a hidden room with a locked door, the room did not have any purpose or at least, I didn’t give it any purpose. Until one day, I decided to make a shift. In October 2021, The Room became a place as small or as big as I wanted it to be, a Room with room for growth, a place I’d realize the key to unlocking my biggest dream is in my own hands.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been on the hunt for unique fashion items. You know, that good good. Not too complicated, not too simple. The ‘where did you get that’ items. Instead of keeping some of fashion's best secrets for myself, I'm more than happy to share my finds with you! I'm inviting you to step into The Room and discover the styles you have been looking for.


The Room offers a curation of undiscovered brands as well as items under our own label. Moreover, it’s not really about big brands, it’s about an aesthetic that we have built over the past years. We offer minimal items with a twist that can become a part of your Room forever.

Since we don’t work with seasonal collections, most of our items are offered over different seasons and are never put into sale. New drops and restocks happen on a weekly basis and those who have become a Roomie will always be the first to discover what’s dropping next.


The goal is to not just build a fashion platform, but a real community of Roomies with whom we can truly engage. As a Roomie you will have access to exclusive items, offers, events and you will be invited to visit our Coming Soon page (only visible for you) where you can subscribe to items that are yet to be launched. You are the foundation of this platform. The Room is yours. The key is in your hands.

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